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Suggestions, commentaries and opinions are not Legal Advice or a substitute for Medical or Mental Health. If you suffer from Complex Grief, are prone to Clinical Depression or have Suicidal thoughts please seek appropriate help.

If you currently feel Suicidal, Please call   (800) 273-8255

Meet Terah Lyn

Certified Life Coach & Hypnotherapist

As A Life Coach / Chaplain / Hypnotherapist /

Prayer Counselor

I Specialize in Helping You Get Breakthroughs, Healing and Epiphanies in all Areas of Life.

I am delighted to assist you as you grow, heal and excel in all desired areas.


Grief and Loss

Trauma Healing

Stress & Anxiety


W/ Amparo

Financial Coaching

W/ Selena


The Journey To Who You Are Meant To Be Is A Transformation. Begin Your Journey Today.

Terah Lyn is an amazing person that I admire and trust. She has helped me with so much great advice throughout the years. One that comes to mind was when I was having a challenge with my spouse. He was having some medical issues and I was trying to be supportive and did everything in my ability to support him. We were newly married so when he did not communicate with me when things would occur and went to his family, I just accepted it. Although, after a while it got tough and hurtful. The turning point was when he was not home when I got home from work (unusual) so I called him and got no response. Hours went by no calls from anyone. I called family, his boss, I was freaked out thinking the worst. Late that night his sister finally called and said he was fine but they were at the hospital running some tests. I was relieved, mad and heartbroken. Why didn’t he call me?  The next day Terah Lyn sat with me listened with out judgement of either of us. She said she understood his reaching out to his sister, but we are married and we need to be equally yoked for it to be successful. I did not know what that meant. So she explained that we have to give and take equally and that requires communication. I can’t just be there I have to tell him what I need in return and not assume that he will figure it out. On the flip side she said I am his family and first priority and should never be excluded. She was right he had no idea he just did what he had always done and needed help recognizing my needs. We have been together for 22 years now but it could have ended at two. Terah Lyn has become such an important person to us we strive to model her kindness, acceptance and love for others.



I would like to say a few words about Terah Lyn on her technics and skill on assisting me with controlling my nightmares and anger issues. Also, on understanding how to develop skills to achieve my goals with compassion and trust.

Terah Lyn has the ability to see and explain the way that difficulties elude yourself, but assures that her knowledge and compassion is genuine and brings a sense of calm and tranquility that you can use on your life's journey.

In regard to tragic death, which always clouds our judgement and the inability to make sound choices. This is affirmed by her because the trust and strength in understanding the loss you are going through, she actually shows that she cares and doesn't try to hide it with typical doctors answers on the subject, but shows that her skills are proven through dedication and resilience on the matter.

I am happy for the results incurred on my problem and would recommend her services to others in need.

Thank you for saving me and my family


Vietnam combat vet 1st Sargent.                 Airborne ranger ( Lrrp).                              

Tera Lyn is a woman with such commitment to seeing others


She has walked along side of me through some of the most difficult experiences I have ever been through. Helping me

to find the answers without any judgement.

Her heart is full of genuine love for everyone. Her ability and passion to encourage people and be a light in this world is a blessing to witness.

She brings treasures within ourselves that have been hidden to the surface.


Terah Lyn is unlike anyone I've ever met or known.  I truly feel God brought us together, as she reached out for to me on an online platform in response to a story I shared.  We connected online and eventually phone.  

After reading my story she offered love, guidance, information, and wisdom for me and my situation, even from across the country.  She is intuitive, insightful.  She has a gift for reading people, feeling their energy, listening to someone's story then providing feedback, guidance and wisdom to help them decide what action or path to take.  She is truly a Life Coach as her work embodies a whole life, physically, emotionally, spiritually.  



Occupational Therapist

I have known Terah Lyn for over 10 years now. Talking with her is as easy as breathing. You can tell she is listening to understand - not just to respond. Her questions provoke thought and have helped me on more than one occasion to get to the root of my issue without judgement, even just in catch-up conversations. And when I have purposely sought out her advice, I have always walked away feeling heard, loved, and with tools to get through my current season-of-life issue. Terah Lyn continues to reach out, to check-in, and invest in me and my family. Her desire to help others and make heart-to-heart connections create such a relaxed and genuine atmosphere. 


(Certified Demetia Practitioner)

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Life Transformations

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Terah Lyn

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Life Coach Specializing in

Grief processing & Trauma Healing 



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Journaling Coach - Specializing in using journaling in your Healing Journey



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Financial Coach - Specializing in Helping you Reach

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