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More Testimonials

For many years Terah Lyn has been the one that I turn to for prayer, spiritual guidance, help handle relationship difficulties or strains. She has wisdom and discernment in dealing with these types of situations in a loving and godly manner and takes consideration for all people involved.


Terah Lyn is a hypnotist and life coach. I was skeptical of the hypnosis part. I’m strong spirited and didn’t feel any “shenanigans” would penetrate my psyche.  But I’m always looking for new ways to improve myself. Well, I enjoy alcohol. Sometimes too much. Therefore, I thought I’d bring this to the session.  I drink in moderation and when I feel I’m indulging too much at times, I go into self-detox for weeks or months because like anything else… I believe I can control it. Right? But then… it starts all over again. So… I wanted to find out why… I can’t give alcohol up? 

The session:

“Ok, Terah Lyn let’s do this!” Says my spiritual self. 

I lay back in the reclining chair, get comfortable and I say to myself… “Trust her. Let go!” 

Terah Lyn starts the session. I close my eyes, take some deep breaths, relax my entire body. As her voice coaxes me, I begin to see lights in the darkness of my closed eyelids. I’m transformed…I can see myself in the chair, in the darkness, a light shines on me. Terah Lyn asks questions, I answer. Then I feel a regression, I’m no longer 55, I’m a child. My voice changes, to that of a child as I answer Terah Lyn’s lovingly inquires…. Then I see my deceased father and younger brother. I want to go to them. I begin to cry. “I want to save them. I have to save them.“  But I’m a child. Then, another presence. My deceased mother appears at my side. I’m still in the chair. She sits beside me and begins to stroke my lap… I want to “save them” I say to her. My mother smiles at me, takes my hand, I can feel her motherly warmth and energy. Terah Lyn continues to ask the questions, unbeknownst that someone else has joined in. My mother is getting upset at her. “It’s too much” I hear my mother say. She continues to comfort me as I feel tears well up feeling like my chest is about to explode my mother and I both yell “No!”. 

The session is interrupted by the setting off a round Costco heater that was in the room and it heated on high setting off the  buzzer! I woke up to find Terah Lyn look at me in amazement and surprise. I wiped the tears from my eyes.  What?! I ask.

The epiphany… that my habit of drinking too much alcohol was a way for me to go where they are: My father, my brother, and even my mom… and bring them back… to me…impossible…but for a small child “wishful thinking”.  It’s a start to my healing. 


Yes, probably not your ordinary session, but if there is any doubt that Terah Lyn can get to unconscious blockages. I can attest to her skill. You’ll find things you didn’t know were there disrupting whatever progress you want to make in whatever you want to  transform for the better. 


Ann W. 

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